About the Project

Mifflin County is updating its Comprehensive Plan, “Pathways and Bridges,” which was originally adopted in 2000. The County will use this plan to guide community and economic development efforts to serve the changing needs of its citizens.


Pathways and Bridges has served the County well, providing a sound blueprint for the County’s community and economic development initiatives.  Specifically, this policy document has supported infrastructure maintenance and improvements, the County’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, and education and training for County and municipal officials as well as staff on contemporary land use and transportation planning topics. Pathways and Bridges will provide a strong foundation for development of the plan update. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comprehensive plan and why does Mifflin County need one?

A comprehensive plan is a policy document to guide services, ordinances, and other decision-making in meeting the needs of citizens. The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (Act 247 of 1968, as enacted and amended) requires each county to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan and to review the plan at least every ten years.

A county comprehensive plan shall include:

  1. A statement of objectives concerning future development
  2. Plans to achieve those objectives through various policy and program components:
    • land use —including identification of growth areas so that public infrastructure and other services can be planned and provided, current and proposed activities of regional significance, preservation and enhancement of prime farmland, regulation appropriate to local agricultural operations, and appropriate utilization of important natural resources and existing minerals
    • housing
    • transportation
    • community facilities and utilities, including water supply
    • natural resources protection (to the extent not preempted by federal or state law)
    • historic resource preservation
  3. A statement of the interrelationships among the various components
  4. Statements indicating that the existing and proposed development is compatible with plans in neighboring municipalities, or measures have been taken to provide buffers or other transitional devices between conflicting land uses
  5. Short- and long-range plan implementation strategies

Who is preparing the plan update?

The Mifflin County Planning and Development Department is leading the effort. The County has hired the consulting team of Gannett Fleming, Inc., Delta Development Group, and Vernon Land Use to provide technical assistance. A Planning Advisory Committee has been appointed to provide regular input and feedback to the planning team. Once the plan update is prepared, the Mifflin County Planning Commission will endorse the plan update and Board of Commissioners will adopt it.

How much does the plan update cost and who is paying for it?

The entire project is valued at $143,224. The transportation and land use components are being funded by SEDA-COG with $74,666 from PennDOT and the Federal Highway Administration and being matched with $18,667 from Mifflin County in cash and in-kind services. The remaining plan components, valued at $49,891, are funded by Mifflin County, the County’s Community Development Block Grant program, and contributions from the Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation, the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Lewistown, Derry Township, and the Lewistown Hospital.

Does my opinion matter? Where can my voice be heard?

Yes, citizen participation is important to ensure that the plan directs services to the needs of citizens. The project includes several opportunities for citizens to participate in planning discussions. See the Events page for completed event summaries.